Manufacturing & Laboratory

Machine Shop

Our tie up with M/s. Shree Hari Engineering having below machinery and set up works as our Machining Supplier.

Raw Material Inspection

Ingots to be inspected by spectrometer to cross verify chemical composition of raw material mention in test certificate by raw material supplier.

Ingots should marked with color and heat number as per define grade.


Precise alloy making as per customer requirement is possible by Oil Fired Melting furnace

Can get higher output with faster melting rate.

Melting cum Holding of Molten Metal

Holding of Molten Aluminum is done in electric melting furnace resulting in low hydrogen pick-up.

Silicon carbide crucible for “Contamination free holding”.

Dip type thermocouple for online temperature control and display.

Dross off

Effective dross removal is done by Coveral 11 with suitable amount by using rotary action of degassing machine.

Effective removal of suspended oxides due to constant contact with flux.


Hydrogen has high solubility in liquid aluminum which increase with temperature but solubility in solid aluminum is low so as the alloys freezes, hydrogen gas is expelled gas pores in casting. So degassing required by efficient rotary degasser.

Very fine bubble of dry nitrogen gas generated at base of liquid metal.

“No entry” for hazardous chlorine gas.

Eco friendly operation with “Zero emission”

Density Index Analyzer

Predetermination of Hydrogen level; before casting, leading to pin hole free castings.

Direct output of Density Index: No need of calculations, thus eliminating human error.

Online Density index certificate

Metal Treatment

Grain refinement by Master Alloys

It improve hot teat resistance,Give leak proof casting by reducing grain size of cast alloy.

Improve physical properties of cast alloys.We can cross verify it by Grain size and SDAS value.

Modification of Aluminum Alloys

It affect the microstructure of alloys by which it improve capability and physical properties.

We cross verify it by modification level.

Online Control of Metal Composition

We cross verify online liquid metal before pouring by spectrometer.

We are doing Self certification of chemical properties heat wise.


By Tilting gravity work station controlled laminar flow poring.

Auto control of Tilt Angle & Tilt Speed for consistent quality control.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment of aluminum alloys required to improve tensile strength,elongation and harness.

Result of heat treatment is depends on chemical composition (Mg & Cu),metal treatment process (Grain refinement) and quenching time (35 Sec).

Digital hardness tester we are using to cross verify heat treatment process.

Shot Blasting

In house Shot blasting process

Improves the adhesion properties of the surface

Eliminates if any attachments on the surface such as stains, scratches, thin edges

Enhances the overall cosmetic appearance considerably

Shell Core Shooter Machine

In creases Operator Output

Drives the core making process for predictable results

Advanced Temperature Control & Heat Transfer: helps to make the cure cycle more efficient

High Speed Operation: high efficiency pneumatics enable faster operation

Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning -ERP Software by iCast

We have an ERP system installed helping us to have

Improved process efficiency

Integrated information between departments

Streamlined processes and tracking

Customized reporting and Analysis Generating optimum customer satisfaction

Die Designing by Simulation

We imply Simulation which enables us to produce sound, high-quality casting with fewer experiments and trials.